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Who Are We?


Travel Agent Online and Let's Travel, located in Orlando*,
specializes in custom luxury land, rail or cruise vacations for individuals and
unique group travel
. Our groups are focused on varied cultural interests and
learning experiences
to virtually any place in the world escorted by experts.
*Although geographically located in Orlando, we are as close as your phone or e-mail

Our site has more vacations here than there are stars in the sky. 
Visit often. Our trips are updated nightly!
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Our group trips spotlight various hobbies, special cultural interests and learning experiences.  All are escorted by experts in their specific field of interest.  Some of these trips are for:  art appreciation; music appreciation; learning to paint; learning to cook; learning to write; learning photography; learning gardening and learning storytelling.

We plan vacations for other specific interests such as; golf, bicycling, barging, trekking, animal related tours and intimate personalized family vacations too. (In other words, your theme for your vacation or group adventure is only limited by your imagination). All you will need to begin the process of creating an itinerary for yourself or your group is one common "thread" of shared interest.

Our groups are not limited to just tours; our groups also include cruises of all types worldwide.

If you can’t find a vacation that suits your needs perfectly and you prefer the independent style of touring or cruising, why not take advantage of our experience and put it to work for you. No more sifting through endless one-dimensional offers online. Our experience can separate the offers and determine “the real from the hype”.  With us, you work with real agents with whom you can speak to directly without your having to push lots of extra buttons. If you would prefer, you may e-mail us with your ideas and wishes for customizing an your individual vacation or tell us how we can mold a group itinerary to suit your groups shared interests’.

The world is your oyster when you put our expertise to work for you and us “in charge" of your next vacation plans!! We will meet your vacation challenge with enthusiasm and passion. Our goal is to make your trip an experience filled with warm memories to last for a lifetime.

Let's Travel, Orlando, FloridaSince our inception in 1977, Let's Travel, a full service-fully appointed and bonded travel agency, has been owned and operated in Orlando by Tom Roberts and Harriot Roberts, CTC+. Tom and Harriot's professional travel experience spans five decades. They have traveled extensively throughout the world as has their staff, visiting "seven continents"!  Enhancing Tom and Harriot's experience, a staff of very capable and seasoned agents.  Pat Persson, CTC+ and Joan Loomis.  Let’s Travel owns and operates

+CTC, Designates the individual is a Certified Travel Counselor.  Becoming a CTC is an earned individual certification equivalent to a master's degree in travel planning, transportation and travel business management.  Each CTC must have a minimum of five years working experience before beginning the courses for this prestigious certification.

Harriot and Pat have been CTC's, Harriot since 1980 and Pat since 1986.

Travel Agent website designer is Elise.
We highly recommend her professional services. 
She gets the job done and makes the “web” easy for you!
Her expertise allows you more time to devote to your business and your area of expertise!  
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Copyright © Inc. 2003-15. All rights reserved and Let's Travel have selected quality vendors to be showcased on our website. Together with these same vendors, we also work to customized itineraries
to specifically fit the needs for each of our groups. For your financial peace of mind, vendors on our website have the USTOA Bond protection of up to $1,000,000 per person.

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