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Let Us Custom Design a Special Itinerary just for Your Group.

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Our group trips spotlight various hobbies, special cultural interests and learning experiences.  All are escorted by experts in their specific field of interest.  Some of these trips are for:  art appreciation; music appreciation; learning to paint; learning to cook; learning to write; learning photography; learning gardening and learning storytelling.

We plan vacations for other specific interests such as; golf, bicycling, barging, trekking, animal related tours and intimate personalized family vacations too. (In other words, the theme for your group adventure is only limited by your imagination). All you will need to begin the process of creating an itinerary for your group is one common "thread" of shared interest.

Our groups are not limited to just tours; our groups also include cruises of all types worldwide.

If you are a charitable entity, museum group or a non-profit organization wishing to use travel as a vehicle for raising additional funds, why not capitalize on this fundraising opportunity now with a proven international group travel agency,
Let's Travel.

Group Travel Itineraries

For more than 33 years, Let’s Travel has planned group travel for fund raising tours all over the world.  These specialized groups traveling together are also accompanied by escorts from the charitable entity or organization.  This aspect of the trip fosters camaraderie and another level of commitment from supporters and members.  The real bonus of travel for the organization is the personal level of association created between patrons and staff which engender a long lasting fellowship and closeness beyond the trip that only a shared experience can achieve!

Please allow us the opportunity to custom design a group just for you or your organization.
To get started, your only difficult task is to e-mail your information, with your name, your geographical location,
the type organization or you represent, your interest, your destination choices and your phone number.
We'll do the rest.


Let us CUSTOM design a vacation itinerary just for YOU or YOUR Group.
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