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Our Clients' Testimonials

Here are some comments and testimonials from satisfied clients.
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Hey Harriot,
Just wanted to say Thank You for making my daughter and Son-In-Law's honeymoon a great one. I was so nervous about making arrangements and transactions with someone I had never met, but EVERYTHING worked out beautifully! They absolutely loved the hotel and were given "The Royal" treatment. They said the staff were very accommodating and the food was off the scale delicious! Oh, did I mention the hotel was outrageously beautiful too. All in all everything went extremely smooth! They are looking forward to their next vacation through your agency. I told my family I found a travel agent who really took care of Tiona and put my mind at ease while she was away (this was the first time we were separated, Ever, so my anxiety level was very high while she was gone J ). Your patience and thoroughness was the best. Thanks again for putting an over-protective mother's mind at ease and making my daughters honeymoon a memorable one..
Crystal B.,
Orlando, Fl.
Dear Harriot,
We want to thank you for all your help with planning our trip to Cape Cod. Everything went perfectly. We could not believe it when you were planning for 18 people coming from all over the U.S. Six families to plan airline reservations to meet together within an hour, five rental cars, two houses, etc. Thank you again for all your work especially when I called you to change our seats on the airplanes.

Next time we plan a trip we would not consider using anyone but Let's Travel to do our planning.
Susan W.,
Orlando, Fl.
Dear Harriot and Tom:
Just a short note to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -

You were so "dead on" on all of my arrangements - to Disney World and Universal Studios.

Portofino Hotel was fabulous -and our room had the nicest balcony w/a chaise lounge, table and chairs - I would rate this a 10! I will definitely want to go back there w/my husband. And the cute little boat ride to Universal..

I ate at the Italian Restaurant on premise (ground floor) and highly recommend it - the food was fabulous and the service was outstanding and we were serenaded by a couple - he played guitar and she was quite an accomplished singer.

Animal Kingdom was great to see the animals - I have at least 250 pictures of giraffes, zebra's, wildebeests, storks etc walking by our balcony -

"Mikey's Not so Scary Halloween Party" was absolutely a blast - I'm glad we went on Nov. 1st instead of Oct. 31st.

You did a wonderful job advising me on everything -

The meal plan was a huge savings and great to deal with I can't say thank you enough.
Sue P.
New York
If you are concerned about attention to detail and going that extra mile for you, then you will want Harriot working in your travel corner. She does NOT disappoint!
Doug B.
I give Harriot great reference for her quality work as a travel counselor.
Joan K.
Tallahassee, Fl.
Have known and worked with Harriot for many years. She truly is the best in the industry and very trustworthy with her knowledge of travel!
Rita L.
Orlando, Florida
I'll never forget you getting us that beautiful suite in the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice on Easter weekend! Wow! Last Minute Miracle worker!
Ann J.
Orlando, Fl.
She's the next Mrs. Travel America in my book.
Bill C.
Lovely "Travel lady" with great knowledge that can be trusted!
Rose Ann H.
Harriot enjoys a fantastic reputation in the industry...very trustworthy! You shouldn't make a move without her by your side!
Lynne V.
Orlando, Florida
Harriot works hard to make sure you get the best options at the best price. She's great!
Betty S.
Orlando, Florida
Harriot is with you from beginning until your return home. She's the best "ace" in your travel pocket!
Roger M.
Cedar Key, FL
For the past 20 years, Harriot and her team have booked all my business travel as well as my dream vacations including exotic cruises, international travel and the most important of them all, my honeymoon. Thank you Harriot!
Jeff M.
Atlanta, GA
After years of dealing with just so-so travel agents, Harriot Roberts was a God send. Would never take a trip without her arranging it for me. She is the complete package.
Barbara T.
Orlando, Florida
A woman of integrity and absolutely knows Travel. Proud to be her friend. She is the real deal!
Steve and Wendy V.
Deltona, FL
We were glad to have her when I got sick in Peru. She rearranged things and got some money back for us.
Libby C.
Dear Harriot,
You are the best!
South Africa and Victoria Falls are so beautiful, the people were great, the animals amazing, the food ,the hotels & lodges were fabulous and beyond my expectations. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing a travel agent. When I get my photos together I'd like to take you to lunch and show you some. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!
Helen S.,
Winter Park, Florida
Let's Travel has been planning our trips for almost 20 years. Tom & Harriot are well travelled themselves and are a wealth of information when suggesting "must see" places in our destination. They are extremely knowledgeable, organized, professional, and prompt in response to all of our inquiries. They are exceptional and consistent at providing experienced tour guides that are both competent and caring. The quality of our accommodations have always been first rate. Whether you are splurging for that luxury getaway or travelling on a "fixed" budget, they have always provided great pricing. What sets them apart from other travel agencies is their enormous attention to detail and endless pride in their work.
Charley and Mary Lou,
Orlando, Florida
Traveling abroad as a professional artist always creates additional planning especially today. Incorporating traveling with groups into my business requires tremendous planning. My time is best spent on my area of expertise. Therefore, spending my time coordinating and making travel plans is not the best and wisest use of my time. I need an expert who can organize the particulars for me so I am not wondering if I have covered all the bases correctly. I am not a travel agent! I let the experts in that field save my company and my customers time and money and increase my revenue. Just knowing how to move the group from various parts of the country to arrive in the starting location takes tremendous time and expertise. Keeping everything flowing smoothly is an art form! Knowing Harriot and Tom for over 25+ years has always made my travel plans more efficient, more economical, more organized and a pleasant experience for all. Trust them to make your work life a bit easier. They are: THE GROUP EXPERTS!
Orlando, Florida
I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Let's Travel (Harriot & Tom). With their professional assistance, I've sailed to the Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii & now to Northern Europe. The accommodations have always been excellent, transfers were made with ease. I never have to do anything except to the airport in Orlando. No worries from there on. Harriot does all the work. I highly recommend you try them. You won't be disappointed.
I highly recommend you try them. You won't be disappointed.
Joan and Charles,
Orlando, Florida
Fabulous trip, exciting places we'd have never thought of on our own!  Let's Travel was there every step of the way.  Can't imagine using the Internet ever again.
Rhonda and Dave,
Bentonville, Arkansas
We have dealt with Tom and Harriot for 15 years and haven't even met face to face.  That fact has not affected our quality of service nor care and concern for our vacations and cruises they have planned through them throughout the years.  They are the best. 
Ted and Bobby,
San Francisco, California
I am a travel professional working on the wholesale side of the travel industry, but when I travel personally, I call Harriot and Tom to make my arrangements.  Why?  Because they are the best!
Portland, Maine
For more than 25 years, Harriot and Tom have planned scrumptious trips for me and my wife, our extended families and business associates. We have never been disappointed with any of the trips from planning to actually taking the trip. Their execution of details has been impeccable. There really is no comparison to the personal attention that they put into every journey. We can only say, if you want the best service from knowledgeable professionals, look no further for Tom and Harriot are top drawer.
Gary and Jeanie,
Orlando, Florida
When our family of five decided to travel to India for the holidays, I didn't know where or how I was going to line up our itinerary. I knew I couldn't just pick someone in India to give my credit card number to . . . and then just sit back and hope it all worked out. This is where Tom and Harriot came into play. My husband and I were impressed by both their knowledge and their professionalism. In the end, all we had to do was simply show up at the Delhi airport . . . and then sit back and let our wonderful trip unfold. We were met at every airport, had wonderful guides, stayed in amazing hotels, and basically, had every need met before we even knew it! If you want to travel worry free, I would highly recommend Tom and Harriot for planning your trip.
Dean and Raymer,
Orlando, Florida
Traveling with the help of Tom and Harriot is such a pleasure! They are professional travel agents but they go way beyond that by truly planning every detail with a personal touch. Once you become part of the Let's Travel family you are just that, family! Anyone can make reservations, but Tom and Harriot plan a complete adventure tailored to your personal requirements and are always available and open to meeting special requests and tastes. They listen, follow through and you know you are taken care of by the BEST!
Orlando, Florida
I finally had time to check your site, and love it! Very warm and "cozy", easy to navigate, too.
I checked out your testimonials, and so much of my sentiment was already there! I don't have much new to say, but the reason I love using you and Tom so much is because there IS so much travel information available on the web.
I could spend literally hours researching and trying to decide which flight, which connection, which hotel, what car, and then what combination of all of those gives me the best bang for my buck as well as who will be the most reliable, comfortable, etc.
When I contact you guys, I know you have done the homework, I will get great service, great value, and everything will go smoothly on our trip. Rides show up at the right place, plenty of time to make connections, rental cars waiting and hotel rooms as promised!
Whether it was my two-week honeymoon in Greece, my five-day stay in Cancun, or my 10-day anniversary in Door County, Wisconsin, you did all the work and all I had to do was "show up".
Plus, I always get a hand-written thank you card when I return home and then get to speak to you with your fun, "sparkly" personality on the phone!
Thanks, Stacey and Dean,
Plano, TX
My favorite travel experience with Let's Travel was to the Czech Republic. It was my first trip to Eastern Europe and to a formerly Communist country, and I was fortunate to travel with Harriot and Tom Roberts, owners and operators of Let's Travel. We spent a week there over Thanksgiving. They took care of every detail.
We stayed in a small, charming hotel in Prague, the capital, a couple of blocks from the Vltava River which runs through the capital city. Many of its historic sights are located in the oldest quarters, i.e., New Town (Nove� Mesto), where our hotel was located just a short distance from Old Town (Stare� Mesto), and the Little Quarter (Mala Strana), where Prague Castle and St. Vitus's Cathedral are located.
Highlights of our stay in Prague included a walk across the Charles Bridge, built in 1357 for King Charles IV. The bridge, a historic landmark of Prague, is distinguished by its larger-than-life statues every 50 feet or so depicting the various saints. On the other side of the river, we toured Prague Castle, St. Vitus's Cathedral and the Castle neighborhood. I learned a new term, "defenestration," for when dissidents threw their enemies out a high window of the Town Hall marking an anti-Habsburg rebellion and the beginning of the Thirty Years War (1618-48).
Another evening we attended a performance of the Prague Camerata Orchestra in St. Nicholas Church in Old-Town Square and dined in a restaurant located in a house where Mozart had lived. One of my charming discoveries was the chilly evening I ordered a cup of hot chocolate. How charmed I was when, instead of the cup of warm, chocolate-y milk, the server brought a cup of warm, thick chocolate.
Our visit included day trips to Kutn� Hora, about an hour east of Prague, and Brno, located in Southern Moravia in the southeastern region of the country. In Brno we met a jewelry artisan. Kutn� Hora is a small town, well-preserved since medieval times, built on top of one of Europe's oldest silver mines and where the country's currency was minted.
When I returned to Tallahassee, I realized how little I had known about European history, how much I had learned, and how much more I wanted to learn before I return. I am very grateful to Harriot and Tom for making my trip worry free and such a rich learning experience.
Tallahassee, Florida


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