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Does your travel agent’s experience include sitting in the
Concorde cockpit for takeoff?

If not, please try us! We have met the ultimate challenge.
We can take your vacation dreams to a new height. Why? Because, we've been there!

Have your volume turned up!
The actual Concorde G-BOAE viewed from the cockpit on takeoff. 
A view Tom and I both enjoyed from the seat behind the pilot. 
Me from Orlando and Tom from Bermuda!!

  British Airways, Concorde trip

Concorde Videos

Sonic Boom made by Concorde!  Fly’s twice the speed of sound.

Take off of Concorde, such grace and power!

Enough cannot be expressed to describe
the magic of this craft, another tribute!

This tribute was made to Concorde in 1996..very moving!

Concorde Video Links

Concorde Web Sites

 On October 14, 1983 Let's Travel of Orlando made aviation history
by becoming the first travel agency in the world to charter the Supersonic Concorde!

The flight was from Orlando to Bermuda, roundtrip and was made by 98 happy Florida Symphony* passengers.
(This trip was a fund raiser.)
This experience made memories for each participant and all those who came to witness the departure and arrival in both Orlando and Bermuda. During the 33 year history of Concorde, only 2,500,000 people worldwide ever had the privilege of riding this passenger rocket!

When in service, Concorde flew higher than Alan Shepherd's first space flight.  
The Concorde flew almost 13 miles above earth, high enough to see the curve of the earth, a very humbling experience!  
A happy coincidence, October 14th, is the anniversary of Chuck Yeager's first breaking of the sound barrier in 1947.
We hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures from this special event in the life of
Let’s Travel
and some spectacular video’s of man's first passenger "rocket", the SST, Concorde!
We came, we saw, we CONCORDE and MACH 2 was only the beginning!  The memories will last a lifetime!
*Without the help of many angels and the good Lord Himself, this event would never have happened! Thanks, Carol F., you are my angel!

Our pictures of the event from beginning to end!

We are proud to announce that Let's Travel, because of this spectacular event more
than 25 years ago, will be included in a book written by Tom Singfield,
"Aviation History of Bermuda" .  The book will be published in 2011.

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